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Eaves Protector

When carrying out works for our customers we have a duty of care to check all is as it should be.
Experience has taught us that most problems can remain hidden for many years, before coming to light, often resulting in expensive repairs.

Roofing felt can, over time, get wet from worn or broken tiles. The water rolls to the bottom of the felt and pulls down on it causing it to sag. The constantly wet felt will become brittle and flaky allowing water into the fascias and soffits to do further damage.

The water from roof tiles contains dirt and minerals that can run down the fascias staining them. When dry the minerals remain on the fascias and harden to the surface becoming calcified and difficult to remove.

Timber rots when its moisture content is over 23% and your fascias are no exception. The worst cases are when there are 9mm thick PVCu capping boards fastened over the existing timber fascias. Sold as a cost effective alternative to full replacement fascias the boards can give a home a totally fresh new look.
The problems occur when the timber behind it starts to rot unseen due to the leaking, damaged felt. The PVCu boards prevent the timber from drying out thus exacerbating the rot. The first the customer knows of the problem is when the PVCu comes loose from the rotten timber. In many cases all the fascias have to be completely replaced.

This is why we recommend the Eaves Protection system for your roofline. The flexible plastic sheets are fitted underneath the existing felt and have a shaped lip that drops into the gutter. Even if water is still penetrating the tiles the Eaves Protector makes sure the felt is supported and the water runs off into the gutter preventing any moisture reaching the fascias or soffits.
This product will add many years to the lifespan of your fascias, keep them cleaner for longer and save you money.


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