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Gutter Clearing

Keeping your gutters clear of debris is an important part of maintenance to the outside of your property. So much so that most house and home insurance companies insist on it as part of the cover. Leaves, twigs and moss can build up along the gutter, slowing down the run off of water and increasing the weight being supported by brackets and fascias.
Inside drainpipe angle bends, unseen from the ground, can become blocked with this debris causing the rainwater to flow over the gutter, spilling onto brickwork and fascias, or run over the outside of the drainpipe.
Left unchecked the gutter brackets can pull loose, fascias suffer decay and brickwork become moss and frost damaged, potentially leading to internal dampness and its attendant problems.

Some industry solutions to this perennial problem are to insert gutter guarding equipment such as the circular brushes and plastic grids that fix to the top of the gutter.

In our experience neither of these ‘solutions’ work as the circular brush still allows debris to pass through into the gutter and attracts moss which grows on the brush itself. Leaves stick to the brush allowing rainwater off the roof to run over the top and down the walls. They become cumbersome and messy and have to be removed as the gutters will still need clearing!
The plastic grid guard that attaches to the top of the gutter has the same problem of still allowing debris to pass into the gutter and then build up on top of the grid. It is then necessary to remove the grid before the gutter can be cleared.
In most cases where these products were in place the customer requested not to have them re-installed.

GutterGleam offer a comprehensive gutter clearing service – as well as clearing the gutters of debris – we check and clear all drainpipe bends for blockages, check for damage to fascias and carry out repairs to leaking joints. We use ladders as well as industrial vacuum cleaners for difficult hard to reach areas such as over conservatories etc.
We recommend the installation of small plastic cowls that sit in the top of the drainpipe to prevent future blockages and that gutters are cleared at least once a year.
We can, on request, survey the outside of your property for any other potential problems before they become costly.


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