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PVCu Windows, Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

PVCu is known for being an maintenance free product – but that doesn’t mean it won’t need cleaning.
PVCu fascias, soffits and gutters can become grimy from pollution, mould and rainwater running down from the roof containing minerals that adhere to the surface, becoming calcified, and can only be removed with chemicals. Corner caps and trims can come loose and, over time, the appearance of your home can make it look rundown and in need of maintenance. This can impact on house sales as potential buyers are deterred by tired looking fascia boards.
Many people ask their local window cleaner to ‘give them a quick wipe down’. This tends to be a 10 minute job and does not restore them to their former glory.
Before deciding on costly replacements – it is worth considering professional cleaning by a specialist company.

Show your home some love.
We offer a thorough cleaning service using industry standard materials, that cut through dirt and grime, bringing your PVCu back to looking like new!

The gutter are first cleared of any debris then washed thoroughly using a quality grime remover to break down the dirt. They are then rinsed before an application of *solvent cleaner to break up the mineral ingrained to the surface. Depending on the amount of mineral this can require multiple applications. Once the white surface is restored they are then washed, rinsed and dried.

Any small repairs are then carried out as necessary such as trims, perished sealant and leaking gutter joints.
Most of our work is done by hand off ladders to ensure a professional first class finish.
We also clean PVCu window frames, doors and conservatories using the same method. Glass is washed and dried and then polished using a professional glass cleaner.

Remember! We: Restore – Repair – Replace.

*Only applies to white PVCu.


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