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Roof Cleaning

Your roof is possibly the single most expensive item that may need maintenance or repair, so it makes sense to keep it in tip top condition.
Over the years the surface of roof tiles is eroded by the weather and acid rain causing them to become porous. Although they may still prevent water from penetrating them – moss and grime adhere to the open surface. Moss feeds on the minerals in the tiles and water, when frozen, can cause the surface to split allowing the ingress of more water. When the moss is wet it weighs heavily on the roof and can lead to bowing timber rafters. During rainfall moss can roll into gutters causing blockages.
Eventually the tile can allow water to pass through to the felt which can quickly rot towards its edges under constant damp conditions.

Nothing but the best.
At GutterGleam we endeavour to solve these problems with approved products backed up with a five star service.

Before any work can be carried out, a thorough survey of the roof tiles and felt must be conducted to ensure there is no potential water damage to the interior. Any broken tiles are replaced.
We then use a professional power washer to cleanse the tiles, but not too high pressure so as not to damage them further.
Once cleaned a powerful fungicidal wash is applied to sterilise the surface preventing stray spores from re-colonising the roof.
When dry the tiles can be coated with professional, industry approved water repellent chemicals to keep the tiles looking clean, fresh and dry for many years to come.

Although all our products and services come with a guarantee, the ultra violet rays from sunlight can impact on the products used. We therefore offer a service to re-apply the fungicidal wash and/or the water repellent every few years to keep it looking new.


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